System Requirements

Tapestry has few system requirements, it only requires that you have PHP >= 5.6.4 installed. Tapestry has been tested and passes on PHP versions 5.6 to 7.1.

Installing Tapestry .phar

The preferred method of installing Tapestry is to download the .phar archive available from the projects github releases page here and add it to your PATH.

Once downloaded unzip the and place the tapestry.phar and (if on windows) tapestry.bin files in to a folder that is within your %PATH%. If completed successfully typing where tapestry on widows or which tapestry on linux/unix will return the location path for where you have installed Tapestry.

Installing Tapestry Globally via Composer

You can install Tapestry via composer through the following command:

$ composer global require tapestry-cloud/tapestry

Installing Tapestry from Source

Building Tapestry from source requires first installing the box-project/box2 tool; please see documentation here on how to do so.

Once you have the box tool installed, clone the Tapestry repository from Github:

$ git clone

Next install the dependencies via composer and build using the box command:

$ composer install && composer box

This will result in tapestry.phar being created within the build directory.


Upgrading Tapestry to the latest version if installed via the .phar method is as simple as executing the command tapestry self-update. Tapestry will then look up its Github releases page and replace itself with the latest version if one is available. The self-update command accepts a --rollback option, which when set will prompt Tapestry to roll back to the previously installed version if it exists.

Alternatively if you have installed Tapestry from source then you need to pull down the latest version of master and recompile your version.